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Soulful Herbs & Spices | Shilajit Resin 50g

Soulful Herbs & Spices | Shilajit Resin 50g

Brand: Soulful Herbs and Spices

Shilajit is a powerful supplement designed to deliver incredible wellness-supporting benefits.

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For thousands of years, Shilajit has been used in Unani traditions. Sourced from the Himalayas, it’s 50% fulvic acid, sourced from Himalayas at ~11000 feet above sea level. Shilajit is a valuable source of antioxidants, and is known for its powerful adaptogenic properties and its ability to help boost energy, support digestion, and promote cell regeneration. Shilajit also contains roughly 85 minerals and nutrients in ionic form, along with selenium, fulvic and humic acid.

Life can be tough on our bodies and minds. To counteract the effects of environmental stress and our constant exposure to harmful toxins as we age, we need a unique and effective product to assist in the bodies natural ability to enhance our energy and rejuvenate our bodies. Our Shilajit is a powerful supplement designed to deliver incredible wellness-supporting benefits.

Benefits of Soulful Herbs & Spices | Shilajit Resin 50g

  • Boosts Healthy Testosterone
  • Patented & Clinically Tested
  • Powerful Adaptogenic Properties
  • Shilajit (shee-la-jeet) is a mineral-rich substance harvested from the Himalayan mountains of India. Shilajit offers a myriad of positive health benefits, including testosterone support.

Directions and Recommended Usage

Take 1/4 tsp twice daily with water.

Product Form

  • 50g Paste

Ingredients and Contents

  • Shilajit Paste

Care instructions and storage

  • Store in a cool dry place at 25⁰C or less.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Do not refrigerate. Keep in the original container until ready for use.

Warnings and Contraindications

  • Hypersensitivity, such as allergy, might occur, in which case, discontinue use and consult with your Healthcare Practitioner.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children


  • The above is information only, no medical claims are made.
  • This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease
  • Always consult a medical practitioner, all medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by qualified medical practitioners.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).
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